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It's Back!!

If you would like to gain some more knowledge in competition bbq, try a new rub, sauce or cook method prior to the year, and share your thoughts and ideas with others, this is the event for you. I urge you to read below to learn more about this event.  When you are satisfied, fill in the registration form and mail in your entry to become 1 of only 12 teams in the Frostbuster BBQ for only $75.  That gets you, your camping space for 2 nights, a Frostbuster T-Shirt, great gift bag, and experience you can't duplicate. 

  • When:   May 5th and 6th, 2023

  • Where: Twin Anchors Campground, Colo.Ia.

  • Cost:  $75


What is the Frostbuster BBQ Event?  Let's start out by saying what the Frostbuster BBQ is not.  It is NOT a contest.  You will not receive trophies or plaqes or money.  You will, however, receive lots of knowledge and experience to help you BBQ throughout the competition circuit.   We encourage you to share your knowledge with others. 

The Frostbuster BBQ event is different from other BBQ contests around the United States.  We offer the team’s time to talk with the judges face-to-face after the scores are done in order to answer questions, like, “   Why did I get a 7 instead of the 8 or 9? What would get me up over that edge?”  

We developed this idea years ago in hopes of forming better communication between judges and teams, teams and teams, and judges and judges.  We brought them all together to share ideas and give suggestions, tips, pointers, or just offer their expertise in BBQ.   We discontinued this event in 2019 after 10 years of running it.  At that time, it seemed to have run its course and had gotten off track of our original concept.   What is that concept?  If you have read this far then you saw it up above.   "Sharing of ideas, give suggestions, tips, pointers or offer their expertise at BBQ" We put on this event (NOT A CONTEST), to help you be a better competition BBQ'er or the judge to help them gain more knowledge as a certified bbq judge.  

Come to Our Event

Extra T-Shirt ($15)
Mail Check or money order to:
Smokehouse 72 BBQ
15641 NE 42nd St.
Cambridge, Ia. 50046

Include payment of any extra T-shirts ordered. 
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